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Our Church History

Our church was founded in 1969 by Apostle James Williams. We were legally established with the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office in 1971 as Springfield Revival Time Evangelistic Center as it remains today. In 1970, our founder was ordained by the late Apostle Auturo Skinner, founder of the Deliverance Evangelistic Center Ministries based out of Newark, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York. Although remaining independent, our founder established our church as a Deliverance Center and became a fellowship church with Deliverance Evangelistic Center ministries. Our church name then officially known as Revival Time Deliverance Evangelistic Center.

Our founder, known as General J.C. Williams, was laid to rest on January 5, 2004 after over 50 years of ministry and 34 years serving as pastor. As the Lord appointed, associate pastor Steven R. Williams, the youngest son of our founder, succeeded as senior pastor. On February 28, 2004, Steve was installed as the second pastor of The Revival Time Center ministries.

Recognizing his evangelistic gift and calling in ministry, Pastor Steve was moved by the Holy Spirit to assume the legal name of the ministry as it's official name. Our legal and official church name is Revival Time Evangelistic Center. Although we continue to remain a deliverance church in spirit, our focus is primarily evangelistic in nature as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:18.

Steve has a goal to incorporate his experience, knowledge, education, gifts, talents, abilities, and ministries into a focused effort to lead God's people in a crusade to win lost souls to Christ.